The Dog Wellness Centre

About Us

At The Dog Wellness Centre we realise the importance of your pets wellbeing and take a holistic approach towards enhancing and prolonging the quality of life for dogs who visit our practice.

Our mission is to enhance canine wellness by providing professional, high quality, friendly and supportive therapy tailored to your dogs unique and diverse needs. Maintaining an optimum level of wellness is crucial to living the highest quality of life and maximises comfort for your dog in their daily activities both now and in the future.

With an abundance of experience working in human physiotherapy along with completing a masters degree at university to transfer those skills and qualifications to the animal field, we are in an ideal position to raise awareness about physical wellness in dogs and promote it. In fact this is something we feel compelled to do. Treating injuries and helping your pooch achieve maximum wellness and recovery is our commitment to you.



The Importance of Wellness

Knowing that your dog is pain free and in top physical condition is crucial towards ensuring optimal wellbeing. Many dogs perform high intensity exercises on a daily basis in the form of fetching balls or chasing frisbees. As owners we must be aware that musculo-skeletal issues may be present in the background which if left un-noticed can exacerbate the normal wear and tear on the body or put your dog at risk of injury.

Here at The Dog Wellness Centre we want to help your pooch avoid the development of chronic issues down the track. In the case of injury free dogs, we screen them to evaluate if they have any areas of concern and can give you targeted exercise programs to minimise the risk of injury. In cases where dogs present with existing complaints, we implement targeted therapy and rehabilitation to bring them back to function. Our aim is to maximise your dogs wellness as they journey through life with you.



Avoiding Pain in Dogs

At The Dog Wellness Centre there is a strong focus on education. We want to raise the awareness and understanding of pain in our animals. As humans we know how stressful it is to be in pain or have decreased functional abilities due to an injury.

Sometimes recognising pain in animals is challenging. More often than not, owners will notice pain related behaviour after an acute injury or immediately after surgery. However signs of chronic pain in older animals are less obvious and therefore harder to recognise. Nevertheless its presence can profoundly affect a dogs quality of life.

Educating owners is the first step towards ensuring and maintaining pet wellness and from there we can work towards achieving optimal health and function by implementing balanced treatment regimes, hands on therapy and useful aftercare advice. We are here to help you and your dog by providing support and advice through the whole process of wellness and recovery.