The Dog Wellness Centre

Dog Wellness 101

At The Dog Wellness Centre we offer care that promotes a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for dogs and their owners. We want to inspire you to play an active role in your dogs wellbeing as they journey through life. We are here to assist you in your pursuit of wellness with the overall goal of achieving a higher and longer quality of life for all the dogs we encounter.

Canine physiotherapy is helpful for many conditions and is now more widely accepted than ever by the veterinary profession.

At The Dog Wellness Centre we are happy to maintain open channels of communication with your vet to ensure the best and most comprehensive care for your pooch. Although it’s not compulsory, sometimes it can be helpful to combine veterinary reports and images with our physiotherapy evaluations to determine accurate problem lists, effective treatment plans and realistic goals. We feel that working alongside your veterinary healthcare team aids the professionalism of our service and assists us in delivering the best care possible to your beloved pet.

At our state of the art clinic we specialise in providing canine physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is a relaxing form of water based exercise in a custom designed treadmill for dogs. It is an extremely useful adjunct to many of our rehabilitation protocols and it offers amazing results in the canine field.

At The Dog Wellness Centre we strive to provide a stress free experience for dogs and their owners. Our aim is to assist you in achieving the maximum level of healing and recovery so that you and your dog can get back to enjoying life at its fullest.

Here are some examples of when canine physiotherapy is indicated:

Elderly Dogs

Wellness involves taking action towards avoiding the debilitating and chronic issues that affect quality of life as an individual ages. Most veterinary health models are built around treating pain by providing symptomatic relief with the use of pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications for chronic conditions such as arthritis. However many owners are unenthusiastic about relying solely on this approach and would like a more proactive way to manage.

Canine physiotherapy is widely recognised as an effective treatment option for older dogs where goals are based around minimising pain, enhancing mobility and prolonging quality of life. We are happy to work with your vet to find the best management approach for your dog. The benefits are ten fold and for us there is no better feeling than seeing improvements with your dogs day to day function, mobility and activity levels. Our aim is to bring happiness and ease of movement to the senior dogs we see at our practice.

Post Operative Rehabilitation

In human medicine, rehabilitation is a logical part of orthopaedics. At The Dog Wellness Centre we believe that dogs should receive the same attention and care as humans. Post operatively there are a wide range of physiotherapy techniques and principles which can assist healing and strengthen the body leading to better outcomes for your dog whilst minimising the risk of re-injury. In nearly all cases, rehabilitation speeds up the recovery process and increases the likelihood of an excellent outcome.

Recovery from Injury

Physiotherapy provides pain relief, increased mobility and improved quality of life to injured dogs. Pain is a distressing feeling for animals. At The Dog Wellness Centre we provide hands on canine therapy and give you injury management advice to help minimise your dogs negative experience. From there we guide you through the process of recovery to get your best friend back to their pre-injury levels of exercise. In the case of more severe injuries or conditions, we can assist you with the day to day modifications that must be put in place and we offer care and support to you during those difficult times.